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Stain Color Options

BRODA Stains

To view our standard color options, see the the online BRODA® Stain Color Selector. Contact us for help with your custom color requirements.

TwinCrafting™ With FraserWood

FraserWood’s goal is to become an extension of your operations. Whether it’s for one project or an ongoing collaboration, FraserWood has developed product and service offerings to meet your needs.

Custom Finishes and Textures

Preserving the Beauty and Character of Natural Wood

TextureFraserWoods skill with heavy timbers includes the ability to accentuate its inherent attributes. We have the saws, machines, tools, know-how and creativity to produce any texture or finish, be it traditional or original. Whether the design requires a circular- or band-sawn texture, a weathered barn-timber look, or something as different as a modern, highly polished, hard-finished, European look, FraserWood will work with your company to create it.

FraserWood will create traditional or new textures for your project by modifying various processes such as hewing, sawing, planing, draw knifing, brushing, sanding, belting and blasting, or by innovating an altogether new process. With our experience and manufacturing knowledge, we can help you realize the textured look of your design.

Creating The Right Timber Surface

With an industrial band saw, we can texture all four sides of a timber member, ensuring with exact precision that all faces are consistent and true. The FraserWood team has learned through extensive experience how to precisely bend and manipulate the saw teeth to achieve specific finishes, which range in style from rustic to fine.

We also use a circular saw to create other distinctive textures. Where the band saw is effective for finer textures, the circular saw produces rough and rustic surfaces, which we sandblast to smooth the finish while preserving the look. Every custom texture we apply is designed to meet the specific needs of our clients. Choose FraserWood to get the most out of your solid-sawn natural timbers.

Were Not Done Till Its Finished

FraserWood also offers finishing services. The beauty of a finished frame or heavy timber project can be enhanced and preserved by an appropriate finish. Whether its treating, sealing, staining, finishing or patinating, FraserWood will work with your team to define and implement the design finish that meets your specifications.

  • Rustic or fine textures
  • Smooth and exact finishes
  • Band- and circular-saw techniques
  • Exquisite natural wood surfaces

The following textures are among the many that can be specified:

(Click on images for a closer look.)

Smooth Surface Smooth with Walnut Blasting Band Saw with Walnut Blasting Circular Saw with Walnut Blasting
Smooth Finish Smooth Finish Smooth Finish Smooth Finish