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Size Limitations:

  • 40" x 40" x 60' with standard tolerances of +/- 1/8".

TwinCrafting™ With FraserWood

FraserWood’s goal is to become an extension of your operations. Whether it’s for one project or an ongoing collaboration, FraserWood has developed product and service offerings to meet your needs. Learn more...

Re-Manufacturing Services - A Cut Above

An Innovative Approach to Handling Heavy Timbers

With a mill custom built to re-saw large timbers, FraserWood is dedicated to providing premium re-manufacturing services that meet the specific needs of architects, builders and engineers. From simple re-sizing to meticulously applying custom textures, we have the experience and equipment to effectively process pieces up to 40" x 40" x 60 with standard tolerances of +/- 1/8".

FraserWoods Three Primary Re-Manufacturing Functions:

Pre-PlaningPre-Planing Re-Saw: If a twisted piece is fed into the planer, all you get is a smooth twisted piece. Nearly all dried timbers have some element of twist in them, but with a clamped timber and a moving band saw, we can effectively manufacture extremely straight, oversized timbers. Conveyers and stationary saws cant match this brand of accuracy.

Segmenting Re-Saw: Sometimes our clients just need their big timber sawn into smaller timbers. FraserWood has the muscle to help with heavy timber re-manufacturing.

Texturing Re-Saw: FraserWood is uniquely skilled at achieving accurate four-sided textures. With extraordinary precision, our team carefully re-saws all four sides with an exact finish in mind. We use a number of different texturing blades, and experience has taught us how to use specific saw-teeth bends and angles to achieve various grades of fine and rustic surfaces. See Custom Finishes and Textures for more detail.