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TwinCrafting™ With FraserWood

FraserWood’s goal is to become an extension of your operations. Whether it’s for one project or an ongoing collaboration, FraserWood has developed product and service offerings to meet your needs.

Planing Services

The Ability to Produce Custom Profiles with Superior Results

Realizing our goal to provide a valuable array of finished-timber services, FraserWood offers advanced planing services with superior results. Using a top-of-the-line Pinheiro planer, FraserWood can create custom profiles, such as shiplap and tongue-and-groove, for timbers up to 12" x 20" x 60'. Our four-sided surface planer, capable of generating both rough and fine design characteristics, produces a square and smooth final product with a tolerance of +/- 1/32".

PlaningPlaning Experts Providing More Options

FraserWood also uses a planer on the re-saw bed, a single-sided machine that can process pieces up to 32" x 32" x 60', with a tolerance of +/- 3/32". These multifaceted planing options are vital to the FraserWood mission to supply builders, engineers and architects with expert, timely service:

  • Pinheiro four-sided planer capable of handling 12" x 20" x 60' timbers
  • Tolerances of +/- 1/32"
  • Rough or fine finishes
  • Tongue-and-groove and shiplap custom profiles
  • A superior, square final product
  • Second planer on re-saw bed handling up to 32" x 32" x 60' with tolerance of +/- 3/32"