A Suite of Services to Help Your Business Thrive and Grow

FraserWood offers a variety of services that not only complement our unmatched products; they enable you to scale your organization to meet the demands of any job. As a product and services wholesaler, FraserWood can serve as an extension of your design and shop staff, allowing you to go after more and bigger projects than your current of staff allows.

FraserWood Services

The Capacity to Complete
Any Job

You’re making efforts to bring the right client to your door. What happens when your design staff and schedule are booked, or the project’s size is too big for your shop?

You may decide to take it on, but then have concerns about fabricating to the project’s timeline, or about not having the time and resources to develop the next few clients. You can hire more staff, but that just means more energy devoted to administration.

Would it be better to
         execute more work with
                  fewer complications, for more profit?

FraserWood has the answers.

Since our founding as a drying service for large, solid-sawn timbers, FraserWood has continued to develop the technology and manufacturing capacity to meet our clients’ needs. Today we’re ready to devote our services to creating custom solutions for your next project.